York Street Historic District

The York Street Local Historic District received this designation just this year. The district includes York and Columbia Streets from 6th to 11th and 120 structures in a variety of architectural styles. The historic designation will help to preserve the older buildings and increase the charm of the entire neighborhood. Residents are very engaged and excited about the energy and possibilities they see for this part of Newport.

York St. Restaurants

  1. York Street Café
  2. The Green Derby Restaurant (bring your Beyond the Curb ticket in and receive 10% off your meal!)


Wooden Cask Brewing Company (629 York St.) is a fairly new craft brewery specialzing in beer that has been aged in wooden casks. The friendly, laid-back atmosphere makes it a fun place to hang out!

Stained Glass Theater at 802 York Street is the performing space for Newport’s community theater company, the Flootlighters. The theater was once the Salem United Methodist Church. Built in 1882, the church was designed by Samuel Hannaford, who also designed Cincinnati’s City Hall and Music Hall.