Season 3, Episode 5: Mirror Image Before & After in Ludlow, KY

Compare the finished half with the in-progress half.

From dark and crowded to light and airy.

Constructed in the late 1880’s, this double house was designed for the builder’s twin daughters, with one side mirroring the other. In this episode, we get to go inside both halves–one has been renovated and the other hasn’t.

This property provides a wonderful opportunity to compare the before and after of the two sides.

In the “before” side, the rooms are small and dingy, although the ceilings are high and the living room has a lovely fireplace.

In the “after” side, the first floor is essentially all one room, making the space feel airy and bright. The second floor has two bedrooms and a laundry room. During the renovation, the homeowner turned the underutilized third floor into a kid-friendly bonus room, ready for games, projects and story time.

As you watch, imagine what you’d do with the “before” side. In this house, dramatic improvements are literally just around the corner.


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