Season 2, Episode 11: From sour to suites: the Pickle Factory in Covington, KY

The Pickle Jar Suite is a fan favorite.

Converting an abandoned, 150-year-old factory into an event space and eight short-term rental suites was no small task. Before the fun stuff (aka decorating) could begin, the unsexy work of rebuilding and updating the building’s structure and mechanicals had to be completed.

While all this was going on, interior designer Mandy Lehman was making plans and going shopping. In fact, due to delays caused by COVID, she had more than a year to amass a treasure trove of interesting accessories, artwork and furnishings.

Each of the suites has a different theme, based on the history of the building or its location. This means that you can stay, for example, in the Soda Pop Suite, the Pickle Jar, or the Neon Lights, to name a few. The colors and details in each suite reinforce the theme, creating eight unique experiences.

Now complete and open for reservations, the Pickle Factory provides a light-hearted, comfortable place for visitors to stay while they explore everything the region has to offer.


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This episode is sponsored by Neat Suites, a technology based property management team that bridges the gap between property owners and travelers. They are growing quickly and are excited to work with local investors to bring more experience based short term rentals to Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. 

More information about the property

Cigar and Bourbon Suite

Wenzel Suites

Pickle Jar and Pickle Juice Suites

Neon Lights Suite

Odd Fellows Suite

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