Season 1, Episode 18: Converted church condo in Bellevue, KY

The drama and the details of living in a converted church: see how the owners made it cozy and welcoming.

Living in a former church is all about the drama of the stained glass and lofty ceilings. It’s the details, though, that make the condo in our tour feel like a home. 
The developer for the project, Ashley Builders Group, retained or reused a lot of the original materials. The most obvious are the stunning stained glass windows. They also kept the beautiful wood trusses and paneling on the 50′ ceiling and repurposed the wood from the church’s kneelers to cap off the 2nd floor’s half wall. 
One modification that had to be made during the conversion was retrofitting the bottom stained glass panels, turning them into functioning windows that open on sliding tracks.
Owners Cheri Derrick and Rodger Goforth know of at least one element of the original church that will always be part of their unit: the church safe. It’s so heavy that it can’t be moved. They use it now for wine storage. 
Cheri and Rodger love their condo’s Bellevue location for its convenience and charm. Their river city life in this unique home suits them perfectly.


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