822 Park Avenue

Step back in time when you visit this gorgeous 1895 house. It was originally built as a two-family home and was then turned into a three-family. In 2009, the current owners made it a single-family home and have lovingly decorated it in period style. They added picture molding, replaced missing trim, reworked the floor plan and fixed some issues from past owners’ DIY projects. This has resulted in a charming and livable home that seems timeless.

The kitchen is cheerful and functional and done in a 1920’s/1930’s style. The owners cook on an actual 1923 electric stove and use a 1934 refrigerator that still has the original motor! Some of the light fixtures in the home are refurbished gas lights that use gas lines originally installed for this purpose. One of the ingenious cost-saving decisions the owners made was not to remove and laboriously strip the paint off much of the window and door trim on the first floor. Instead, they had it faux grained to match the unpainted trim and you will be challenged to spot which is real and which is not!