Second Sight Spirits, 301 Elm Street

The owners of this distillery are long-time friends who did a stint together in Vegas, building stage sets for Cirque du Soleil. When they expanded their Ludlow tasting room into the adjoining space earlier this year, they used this theatrical experience to go all out, creating a lounge and bar that plays off the “second sight” theme in many clever ways. Their original still, topped by a copper turban, is now joined by Fortuna, the fortune-telling fish, a palmist’s diagram that features the “bourbon line” crossing the “life line”, a bar top made of thousands of lucky coins and a mystery vending machine, where you never know what you’re going to get. They also have a swami with a handlebar moustache so large you can ride on it! The lounge is open in the mornings with coffee and in the evenings for drinks and live music on Fridays. Come in to see the sights (pun intended) and stay for cocktails like the Clairvoyant Daiquiri or the Spiced Premonition.