232 Elm Street (VIDEO)

This row house is over 130 years old and was rescued from eyesore status to its former glory by the Ludlow Historic Society. It was featured as an “in progress” property on our 2018 tour. Now fully complete, the owner is putting his lighthearted stamp on the home. In the living room, a huge teal door from Wooden Nickel slides over to allow access to the basement, a wall of collected portraits reveals the owner’s love of moustaches and a plaster ram acts as a hat rack. The powder room contains what has to be the smallest sink in the state. Check out the knobs in the kitchen as you walk through to the hearth room, warmed in the winter by the Norwegian-style gas stove. The staircase landing shows off the home’s original wallpaper and a quirky trophy wall. The owner, who moved from the suburbs, couldn’t be happier in his “new old home”.