Tour stop 3: 910 Russell St.

Historic decor with touches of fun:

Walk through the original iron fence and enter a home that has been lovingly brought back to its original glory. Ceiling moldings, historically accurate wall colors and reproduction wallpaper and lighting create a charming setting in the front rooms. The back rooms are a bit more modern with witty touches that reflect the owners’ interests. Explore the bedrooms and turret room and walk out through the lovely garden. 


These additional points of interest will be fun to reference during the tour.

Living room: Look up at the lovely decorative plaster detailing on the ceiling. Surprise! It is actually made of polyurethane, hand painted and installed by the home’s current owner.

Kitchen: You can see a wall safe in the kitchen, which is one of 3 in the home. The oldest is dated 1876.

Family room: This room was added to the house in 1920. The see-through shelves in the kitchen were once a window in the house’s original back wall.

2nd floor: Most of the spindles on the staircase are original, but a few were damaged and had to be replaced.

Stained glass window: This is not original. It was made by Kaleidoscope in Covington.

Master bedroom: The tile in the fireplace’s hearth is Rookwood.

Turret room: The turret was not original to the home. It was added in 1890.

Before photos: The owners were unfortunately not able to find any photos from before they bought it.