Tour stop 8: 324 MLK Blvd.

Multi-purpose marvel:

This pre-Civil War house was in rough shape when the current owners bought it. With a new addition on the back, they now have a cool space for their businesses (architecture and therapy), 2nd floor apartment and spacious roof deck. Be sure to look for the secret door in the apartment’s bedroom—it’s behind the bookcase and swings open to reveal a hidden staircase!


These additional points of interest will be fun to reference during the tour.

Front room: There is a kitchenette stubbed in, but the owners have no plans to add it in anytime soon. There is a kitchen on the 2nd floor.

The flooring in this room was in bad shape, so they put down plywood and sealed it, which adds interesting texture to the space.

Bathroom: During the renovation, the owners borrowed some space from the adjoining room to create a slender bathroom, which is why there is a (nonworking) fireplace in it. Both bathrooms in the house have a European-style no-threshold shower.

Back addition: In 1860, a lean-to kitchen was added to the back of the house. The current owners had to remove it and built this new room. The flooring was purchased inexpensively as “4th run” and they love the rustic wormholes and large grain.

Upstairs apartment: The Dutch door was made from wood found on the property. The apartment’s floor is cork and the centerpiece of the kitchen is the 1950’s-style Smeg refrigerator.

Throughout the house, they chipped off the old plaster to expose the brick.

Exterior: The siding is a popular treatment in Europe, called “rain screen siding.” It looks like board and batten, but it has some space between the siding and the moisture barrier, which allows for airflow to help the house dry out after wet weather. The stones they use around the base were reclaimed from the foundation of the original addition.