Tour stop 4: 127 W. Robbins St.

Well-traveled home:

This 1865 home, one of four in a row, was probably built to house the engineers constructing the Roebling Bridge. After being partially reconstructed in the 1970’s, a spiral staircase was installed in the kitchen, providing quick access to what was the servant quarters and is now the bathroom and laundry room. Currently owned by a seasoned traveler, the restored interiors display collections of art and artifacts from far-flung locales. After touring this home of treasures, exit through the award-winning “small urban garden.”


These additional points of interest will be fun to reference during the tour.

Building: This building was condemned for demolition in the 1970’s because the exterior walls were caving in. It was saved by a developer and the current owner has lived here since 1998.

Living room: This is one of 3 fireplaces in the home, which were originally built to burn coal.

Because one of the pocket doors between the living room and dining room was missing, a replacement was custom made.

Dining room: The large painting over the fireplace was painted by Ludlow artists/brothers Jeff & John Winkle.

Master bedroom: The striped walls are not wallpaper. They were created with flat and eggshell paint.

Before photos: Here are some “before” photos of the home in the 1980’s.