Tour stop 5: 1020 Russell St.

Historic with all the “mod cons”:

This home is one of four in a row built in the late 1800’s. A 2009 fire gutted this home, as well as the entire third floor of the whole building, which was not able to be salvaged. Because not even the floors were left in this unit, the developer was able to reconfigure the rooms to fit contemporary lifestyles, while retaining the historic exterior. New wiring, plumbing and windows were also installed. The master bedroom-closet-bath layout uses the space in a creative way, and the basement has become a cozy teen hangout for the owners’ son. 


These additional points of interest will be fun to reference during the tour.

Living room: This area was originally built as 3 rooms: an entry, a living room and a dining room.

Master bedroom: If you look high up on the brick wall in this room, you can see a line that marks where the original 3rd floor was.

Basement: The photos of Covington on the wall in the living area were taken by the homeowner.

Before and After: These photos show the building before the fire, with the third floor, and after the fire, with the new roof line.