Registration Area: Lisse Steakhuis, 530 Main Street

If you haven’t been in this building since it was Chez Nora, you’re in for a treat! Built back in 1878, the structure was bought by the current owners in 2014 and opened as Lisse in 2016. The restaurant is named after the owners’ home town in Holland. The interior is infused with clean European influences, with nods throughout to the Dutch connection. You will see a giant pair of wooden clogs, a whimsical statue of Rembrandt and gorgeous photos of tulip fields. The food is “Dutch-inspired and American-made” and it is delicious! The owners’ insistence upon the freshest ingredients led them to start a farm in Williamstown, which now provides their tomatoes, basil, spinach and more. Lisse’s third floor has a large bar, roof deck for full-service dining and a popular throwback to the old days: a members-only cigar lounge. Since you will start your tour at Lisse, allow yourself a little time for a look around this interesting restaurant (and then come back for a memorable meal).