831 Willard Street

A couple of grumpy gargoyles sit just below the 2nd floor windows to guard this lovely 1910 house. Paired with the charming original architecture are several additions that make this home perfect for the owners. A two-story bow-fronted addition houses the powder room and part of the master bathroom, a screened side porch provides a bug-free conversation area and, added to the back of the house, the kitchen is a wonderful combination of refined and rustic comfort. The second floor is entirely given over to a master suite, with generous closet space, a beautiful bathroom and laundry. The third floor is a Florida-inspired family and guest room (and the bathroom has a killer skyline view). The fenced backyard provides a private gathering spot, backed by the most charming carport you’ve ever seen. This property is exclusively sponsored by Graydon Law, serving our community since 1871.