1 Innovation Alley

The Kentucky Innovation Network at Northern Kentucky is housed in an eclectic, industrial-style warehouse. Located on the corner of Innovation Alley and Russell Street, the Innovation Network supports new and existing businesses, helping them grow and gain access to funding sources.

The space is comprised of offices, a conference room, creative loft and a large communal area, often used for events. Design features include polished concrete floors, soaring ceilings, walls of glass and industrial-style light fixtures. Pulling from the building’s history, steel railings and black grids simulate the warehouse atmosphere.

Built around 1877, the building was home to several businesses, including Covington’s largest dance venue, called Germania Hall, a funeral home, livery and a machine works company. In 2016, the space was redeveloped by SIDIS, Orleans Development, Hub + Weber and the Innovation Network. Sharing access to the recently-named Innovation Alley, SIDIS, the Innovation Network and UpTech Business Accelerator are the anchors to this exciting and developing Covington district.