Eclectic, diverse and vibrant. Welcome to Covington.

As Northern Kentucky’s largest city, Covington offers the best of urban living: historic buildings, modern amenities, world-class public art, walkable neighborhoods and, best of all, affordability!

Come and explore the iconic architecture, stunning river views and hidden gems tucked into the neighborhoods of Covington. You will be inspired by what you find!

BEYOND THE CURB | COVINGTON was on tour April 30, 2017.

– Please contact Jill Morenz at or (859) 757-0519 with inquiries. 


110 W. Pike Street

The renovation of this historic warehouse (now called Pike Star) began in 2014. Orleans Development strategically planned it in two phases. Phase I included 7 market-rate loft apartments and a commercial space for UpTech Business Accelerator. Phase II was complete in the fall of 2016. This phase includes the commercial space at 114 W. Pike … Continue reading 110 W. Pike Street

502 Madison Avenue

Known as Pieck Place, this structure was built for mixed use. Forcht Bank is now enjoying the totally remodeled street-level commercial space that once housed the Greyhound Bus Station. On the second and third floors are two spacious apartments, each over 1,300 sft. They both have two bedrooms, original wood floors and some original tile. … Continue reading 502 Madison Avenue

420 Scott Street: Boone Block

When originally built in the late 1800’s, Boone Block was a law office at the street level with apartments above. It is now in the final stages of its reinvention into gorgeous single family attached homes. Perhaps one of the more unique units in Boone Block, 420 Scott showcases creative use of space and beautiful … Continue reading 420 Scott Street: Boone Block

124 Garrard Street

This breathtaking 10,000 sft Greek Revival home is filled with classic historic details, blended with stunning contemporary art. Known as Kennedy House, it was built in 1847 by the first settler of Covington for his daughter. It is nestled in the Historic Licking Riverside neighborhood and offers amazing river views.  You will be completely wowed by … Continue reading 124 Garrard Street

114 11th Street

The right side of this renovated duplex will be featured on the tour. This renovation is in progress and you will see lots of exposed brick, an original fireplace and plans for a completely new kitchen. The three floors include around 2,000 sft of finished space with 2-1/2 baths and a great view from the top … Continue reading 114 11th Street

902 Banklick Street

Built by The Center for Great Neighborhoods as new infill construction, this townhouse-style home has a modern floorplan, while blending in beautifully with the historic neighborhood. While you’re inside, note the interesting ceiling style in the living room.

317 Orchard Street

Built in the late 1800’s, this house is one of five in Shotgun Row, so named because it was said that if you stood at the front door and shot a bullet into the house, it would travel all the way through and out the back door. By 2014, all but one of these houses … Continue reading 317 Orchard Street

115 W. Robbins Street

The exterior style of this 130-year-old row house is very typical for Covington. But when you get inside, you will see how this young family has tweaked it to fit their taste and lifestyle. They kept a lot of the historic detailing, including the fireplace tile, but you will love the modern touches they added. … Continue reading 115 W. Robbins Street

605 Madison Avenue

In 2016, this former sewing machine factory was completely renovated by the owner to house a law firm, personal training studio and two apartments. Both are cool, but the one on the top floor is particularly worth the climb. You will love what they incorporated into the bar! The owner of this house fell in … Continue reading 605 Madison Avenue

114 W. Pike Street

The street-level commercial space of this renovated mixed-use building houses Aviatra Accelerators. Focused on inspiring and supporting female entrepreneurs, the space has been decorated to feel welcoming and fun, with accents of hot pink and brass. While you’re there, look up at the original tin ceiling and you will notice the beautiful paint treatment it … Continue reading 114 W. Pike Street

10 W. Pike Street

This mixed-use building in the heart of Covington’s Central Business District was purchased a couple of years ago by a Covington native. She was just completing a renovation of the building at 2 W. Pike St. when the chance to buy 10 W. Pike came up. She jumped at it because, she says, “when you … Continue reading 10 W. Pike Street

1023 Russell Street

This house is a beautiful example of what is known locally as “Covington Italianate” style. You will see an emphasis on verticality in the tall, narrow windows with ornamental lintels and bracketed sills and the beautiful cornices supporting the roof. As you approach the front door, notice the gas lantern that lights the way. The … Continue reading 1023 Russell Street

1 Innovation Alley

The Kentucky Innovation Network at Northern Kentucky is housed in an eclectic, industrial-style warehouse. Located on the corner of Innovation Alley and Russell Street, the Innovation Network supports new and existing businesses, helping them grow and gain access to funding sources. The space is comprised of offices, a conference room, creative loft and a large … Continue reading 1 Innovation Alley