Welcome to NKY’s River Cities!

Experience the cool architecture, walkable streets and vibrant, eclectic neighborhoods of urban living–NKY style!

Hey, we know NKY is a great place to live and play–we want to show you, too!

Beyond the Curb was created by The Catalytic Fund to encourage urban living in Northern Kentucky’s river cities by showcasing the wide array of housing options and amenities. The locations of these one-day, self-guided tours typically rotate between Covington, Newport, Ludlow and Bellevue/Dayton.

Since 2018 marks the 5-year anniversary of our Catalytic Investment Fund, we are celebrating with the biggest Beyond the Curb tour yet, including properties in all our river cities!

Check out the tour info here!

The Beyond the Curb series gives you an exclusive peek inside some of the coolest residential and commercial properties in each river city. We feature a variety of properties: apartments, condos, historic mansions and single-family residences throughout NKY’s eclectic urban neighborhoods. We even include in-progress rehabs to let you see how gorgeous exteriors can be saved and remade inside to fit your modern lifestyle.

You will also experience the urban living as you discover convenient amenities, local businesses and the strong sense of community that exists in Northern Kentucky’s river cities. You’ll see the pride and dedication local residents have toward their communities – as neighbors turn out to volunteer in all of our featured properties!

Beyond the Curb offers something for everyone, from young professionals and families to empty nesters, as well as those interested in historic preservation, interior design, and most importantly:  URBAN LIVING!


The Catalytic Development Funding Corp. of Northern Kentucky (The Catalytic Fund) serves as a catalyst to accelerate Northern Kentucky’s urban renaissance through targeted investments in real estate development in Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue and Dayton.

We are a private sector, nonprofit organization that connects place, product and people with capital to execute high-impact revitalization projects. Our three-pronged approach includes Financial Investment via our $10MM investment fund, Development Services and Community Vibrancy Initiatives.

The Catalytic Fund was formed to contribute to regional economic development efforts, recognizing that a vibrant urban core is essential to attract new job-creating businesses and support existing businesses’ efforts to attract and retain talent.

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– Please contact Jill Morenz at jmorenz@TheCatalyticFund.org or (859) 757-0519 with inquiries. 

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